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Custom Standup Pouches

  • We offer personalized art work services as well as production capabilities to produce a wide range of custom-made pouches that will stand UP and stand OUT.
  • Our standup pouches are FDA and USDA food approved and are reclosable, reusable and airtight thanks to their ziplock-style closure. In addition, they are heat-sealable for an additional protective barrier for your product.
  • Our pouches can be personalized with custom prints of your company's name, your brand's logo or any other text or graphic of your liking.
  • Looking for made-to-measure pouches? Share your pouch idea with us and we will work to achieve your desired packaging. Whether you require an opaque, transparent or windowed pouch, we have the know-how and capabilities to produce a multitude of pouch styles. We can indeed achieve a wide range of finishes, from metallic to satiny or matte. Either way, the high-quality materials of our bags will set apart your product on store shelves and ensure your product's freshness is locked in.    
  • We invite you to contact us for a personalized service and quotation.
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