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Rigid Paperboard Mailers

Rigid Paperboard Mailers


  • Rigid Paperboard Mailers
    6" x 9-1/2" x 1/2" - White - 250 per case
  • Rigid Paperboard Mailers
    7-3/8" x 9-5/8" x 1" - Kraft - 250 per case

  • Rigid mailers made of white and kraft Conformer® paperboard for a sturdy protection of your product.
  • Start out flat and expand vertically to accommodate your product.
  • The smooth texture and undeniable quality of these shipping mailers will have your customers intrigued as to the contents inside of them.
  • No adhesive tape required! These self-sealing mailers are closed by simply folding over the adhesive flap over the opening.
  • Recyclable and made of recycled paper.
  • Custom sizes and thicknesses available. We invite you to contact us with your desired dimensions.
Our paperboard shipping mailers are custom-printable. Customers have the option of having their company name, their brand's logo or any other graphic of their liking printed on the mailers. It is worth noting however that printing on paperboard mailers is considerably labor and time intensive due to the type of printers involved. This is the reason why printed paperboard mailers aren't frequently encountered in the real world. Due to the aforementioned high fixed cost of printing, the price of printed paperboard mailers can easily be 3-5 times higher than the price of blank ones, depending on the quantity purchased. Hence, although in theory our paperboard mailers can be printed at quantities as low as 1000, most customers in practice opt for higher quantities due to the significant volume savings.

For printing options and pricing we invite you to contact us for a personalized service and quotation.