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Custom-Printed Tissue Paper

  • Personalize your tissue papers by having them custom-printed with your company's name, your brand's logo or any other graphic of your liking.
  • Minimum purchase quantity of 10 packs. Each pack consists of 480 sheets.
  • Multi-color printing available: 6-color capacity.
  • Choose from our 70+ available sheet colors or save by opting for white or kraft sheets.
  • Specify any ink color of your liking and choose between matte, metallic or fluorescent ink textures.
  • Art work services if needed.
  • We invite you to contact us for a personalized service and quotation.
Pricing for Printed Tissue Paper

  • The above prices are for 20" x 30" sheets. Custom sheet sizes available upon request.
  • First-time orders require the production of a printing plate. Printing plates are metal plates that are custom-formed according to your logo or design. They are used to transfer ink to the sheets. The number of plates required depends on the number of colors your imprint has. In other words, for single-color printing, only 1 printing plate is required.
    Price of a printing plate: $392.
  • The pricing in the above table is for matte ink. For metallic or fluorescent ink, an additional 10% applies.
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