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Compostable Cellophane Bags

Compostable Cellophane Bags


  • Compostable Cellophane Bags
    Flat Bags − 2-1/4" x 6" - 100 per pack
  • Compostable Cellophane Bags
    Gusseted Bags − 2-1/2" x 1" x 6" - 100 per pack

  • Compostable cellophane bags made of Natureflex-branded biofilm derived from wood pulp from sustainable plantations.
  • North-American (ASTM D6400) and European (EN13432) compliant compostable packaging.
  • Choice of either flat or gusseted bags: Gusseted bags have pleated side gussets which allow them to stand upright. Gusseted bags can also accommodate bulky-shaped products such as thick candles or bath bombs while avoiding any bulging of the bag.
  • Thickness: 1.2 milliinches(mil)
  • Crystal clear
  • Heat-sealable
  • Recyclable and USDA and FDA approved for direct food contact
  • Excellent barrier properties against oxygen, humidity, odors and ambient aromas, oil and grease. Furthermore, they are refrigerable and freezable.
  • Custom sizes and thicknesses available. We invite you to contact us with your desired dimensions.